The New Addition

April 2013: Our building project is complete. We thank "each and every" contractor and worker who helped to complete this addition. Your help and contribution are very much appreciated! A special appreciation goes to Feltz Design Build Ltd. and Iain Reynolds for his constant monitoring, convening and supervising of the project. 

Feb. 2013: The construction is drawing to a close. We expect to be moved into our new office space by the end of March 2013.

We sincerely thank our employees for their patience and help since the fall of 2011.

Feltz Design & Build and all the sub-contractors have been most helpful and professional.

Our sincere appreciation to each and every one who built this wonderful space around us and allowed us all to work and meet
our customer's needs with no major delays.

Sept 2012: Feltz Design Build Ltd. continues to co-ordinate and do the renovation of the old building, replacing floors and windows and removing walls and building new ones. We look forward to the new windows and having the old section re-sided to match the new addition.

June 2012: We have started to move from our cramped quarters into the new addition. Machinery is being redistributed, and hooked up and serviced with the aid of professionals to maintain their accuracy. Some new machines have been added.

Spring 2012 Building closed in and cement work and plumbing and wiring, etc... commenced.

We are all thankful for more space!

Fall 2011: Ground breaking and then steel erection